Our Wall Art is done on Canvas. What is Canvas Art?

You would have probably heard of canvas bags or canvas shoes. Canvas is a material made of durable woven fabric and is used commonly to make items such as bags, sails, tents, furniture or any item where sturdiness and durability is required. You know what else canvas can be used for? Wall art!

Artist painting on Canvas 

Why do artists choose to paint on canvas?

There are a few reasons why canvas is also often used as a medium for oil or acrylic painting.

a) It allows oil or acrylic paints to sit in and blend well and yet it is sturdy enough to hold thick impasto layers of paint.

b) If the artwork is cared for properly, it can last for centuries.

c) Being a fabric, it is flexible enough to be stretched across a wooden frame and provides a taut and even surface for the artists to work on.

d) Canvas is textured so it adds on to colour depth and gives painting a textured and dimensional feel. In fact, some artists choose to leave certain portion of the canvas bare from the paints to expose the raw feel of the medium used.

paint on canvas showing texture

Material of Canvas

Canvas is often made from linen, cotton or synthetic fibre.

(A) Linen Canvas

Although linen is difficult to prime and stretch properly, it offers the smoothest and stiffest painting surface and it can last many years. It is regarded as the gold standard by many artists.

(B) Cotton Canvas

Cotton is a more affordable option that provides an excellent surface of suitably durable quality.

(C) Polyester Canvas

Increasingly, polyester fabric has become more common due to its availability and durability. Some of the fabric are blended with cotton and polyester to get a different texture.

Types of Canvas Art

From what it has been described above, you would have appreciated that art made on canvas gives you durable and quality artwork. If you want an art piece that is value for money and fitting for your space, canvas art is definitely worth it.

Today, you can choose to have art pieces hand painted on canvas or have pieces that are machine printed.

(A) Hand painted canvas art

Hand painted pieces are valuable and limited in production. Each piece is handmade and every piece is unique as there will never be same uniformity in the amount of paint, color intensity or strokes even it is painted by the same artist.

(B) Canvas Art Print

With advancement in printing technology, original paintings, photographs and pictures can now be printed on canvas. Such ‘paintings’ are termed as canvas print and it is gaining popularity. This is because the color absorption in canvas is much better than that of paper. Due to the nature of canvas, every print has a textured and softer look and they look almost like original paintings. People has now turned to canvas prints for quality art reproduction.

Printing on to canvas require specialized skills and only professionals in the field has the knowledge and experience to make a quality print. The professional printers use top quality printers, wide canvas and specialized fast reacting inks to achieve rich in colors print that can last up to 50 or 100 years.

On top of that, each canvas print has a specialized coating that protects the print from dust and moisture. This makes it easy to maintain the canvas print. You can clean it with a light damp cloth to remove surface dirt. The coating also works as an anti glare film reducing light reflection. As a result, it is enjoyable to view even under light – resulting in vivid and bright art reproductions with better colors.

(C) Canvas Art Print with Embellishment

Some printed canvas are given hand touches to give an added feel and unique look for the artwork. Acrylic or oil paint are usually added to the canvas print by the artists to add some texture to the artwork. Some canvas prints are added other materials such as gold or silver foil. These artworks are gaining popularity as they are not as flat as usual canvas print but they are much more affordable than hand painted canvas art.

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In conclusion

Choose art pieces on canvas and you will not regret your choice. Canvas art adds sophistication to your space and it is pleasing to the eyes, heart and mind. Most importantly, you know you have a quality product that can last you very long or even outlive you.