Home Decor - Tips to decorate Children's Bedroom

It can be a challenge to decorate children’s bedroom.

Children always have wild ideas and love colourful things. If you combine all together, that can sometimes end up disastrously. You want to keep things simple. Well, hopefully with this guide, you will be able to strike a balance between the two ideas.

The main goal when decorating your children's bedroom is to spark imagination, while maintaining their safety and comfort.

1) Keep it simple

Keeping the decorations to a minimum will allow the child to have more space to play. When it comes to children, less is more. Do not clutter their space. As the years go by, the children will surely find ways to add to the decorations, so starting simple is a great choice.

 2) Consider things from their perspective

 See the world from their view, in two ways: accessibility, and their interests.


Keep things at their height. If you want your children to grow up independent, you have to slowly let them do things on their own. So, place things at a level where they can easily reach without jumping or climbing up stools. Remember, safety always comes first!

Their interests

Always, always remember to listen to the kids. It’s their room after all! It’s understandable that their ideas are not always the best, so try to incorporate their ideas and dreams into the design of the room.

What do children like most? Play! Consider adding fun elements into the room. Bunk bed slide, chalkboard wall, mini trampoline… The list is endless!

A child climbing up to reach for things he wants

A child is always curious and would attempt to explore further.

3) Decorate Room to Celebrate Milestones

Jane, a mother of two young girls, shared with us excitedly that decorating her girls’ room was all worthwhile.

The girls had been sharing room with her and her husband since they were born. As they grew into toddlers, space got tighter. So they decided to move both girls to a separate room and gave them the deciding power how they want their room to look like. The girls participated in the process of getting their room decorated. The girls chose the color of the wall, design of the bed, color of the bed sheet and even the design of the wall arts. The children felt empowered and the result is fantastic. There was no ‘withdrawal’ syndrome to leave the parent’s room.  In fact, the children could not wait to move in to their new room and love every bit of their room.

For the same reason, parents can consider decorating their children’s room as a way to celebrate their growing milestones. From infancy to toddler, from toddler to preschooler, from preschooler to school going kid, and from a school going kid to a teen. The list goes on. 

Girls' bedroom

Let the children take ownership on the decor and the space.


4) The room should stimulate creativity

Growing up years are when children explore the world around them, and when they are most imaginative. It is important to foster creativity and create lots of opportunities for it. If the room is where they are going to spend most of their time in, you should make full use of it and make sure that the room is decorated in a way that will foster creativity and help bring their imagination to a higher level. One of the best ways to do this is to create visual images and hands-on areas.

Put up wall art

Wall art is one of the most flexible ways to decorate. As we all know, children’s interests change quickly. It can go from bunnies to doughnuts in no time at all. The decoration should be affordable, and able to change quickly. We don't want to waste money and effort! Wall art can be easily taken down and switched according to their moods and interests. It can give character and define the child’s energy.

To personalise the room, the wall art should include their favourite colours or interests. Being in an environment that they genuinely like will bring them joy and facilitate their learning process.

If you are interested in decorating wall art, go to Osharey’s online store. We have hand painted and printed canvas art suitable for children. You can let the children choose what they like to have in the room.

Canvas Wall Art - Cute Lama and Dog in a car

Set aside an area where for hands-on activities

It’s important to let the children experiment in a safe environment. Have an area specially for the children to try out activities or indulge in their hobbies. It could be an art space or somewhere they can build blocks, play with toys and let their

There are many genius ideas out there that can help in making use of your space to the fullest. One example is a Murphy Bed, that can be pulled out from the wall, and stored back in when not in use.

A child playing in a room

 Just to sum up

When decorating children’s bedrooms, always keep in mind their interests, safety, and function. The idea of decorating is exciting and the whole family can enjoy the process and result of decorating!