Buying Canvas Wall Art Simplified - Buy ONLINE

Home decor is incomplete without a few art pieces in the form of canvas wall art winning some space on your walls. How you execute the decor within your office or home is certainly a reflection of your personality and style. What can be better than a hand painted canvas art hanging on your wall that you can watch every day and feel rejuvenated and jovial by its theme and colors. Canvas has been used since eons for painting and is considered most appropriate for its longevity. It is traditionally used to create permanent and timeless art pieces.

Is buying canvas wall art easy?

While buying canvas wall art as a décor is an important venture, it can be an exasperating experience for some.

Have you experienced the following:

Unsure of where to start and what to buy

Most people have no idea where to start. Some may say ‘I know nothing about art’. Some have seen nice paintings on interior design pictures but do not know how to get them. With inertia, the idea of buying wall art is shelved.

Hesitant as art seems expensive

Look at those people buying art from an auction. Some have the impression that buying a piece of quality art work is going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Hassle to visit galleries or physical stores

Visiting interior designer outlets or art galleries and stores needs so much time and effort that in the busy routine of today’s world it becomes irksome for you to find a chance and grab that art piece which makes your home décor complete and your aesthetics quenched.

Disappointed from a previous buy

You may have spent some effort and finally purchased an art piece. But after hanging it up, it turned out that the wall art did not go well with the house interior. The size seemed off and the colour and style of the painting does not suit the theme. What disappointment.

Unaccomplished as wall art is not framed

You think you got yourself a perfect piece of painting. You got it on an oversea trip and it is economical, high quality, perfectly complementing your home décor. But it is unframed and you are unable to find a suitable frame. You have to send to a local framing shop to get it done but you have no time to do it yet. So, it still sits on your table or worst, under the bed or in the closet. There is a sense of unaccomplishment here.

If you have experienced any of the above, we recommend you a solution:

Buy Canvas Wall Art Online. It is easy!

With online purchasing gaining popularity, buying canvas wall art is now at your fingertips. There are plenty of options. Our online art store, specializes in canvas wall art and you can find an assortment of artwork to choose from. You can find affordable, high quality canvas art hand painted by professional artist in decent sizes and exciting colors ready to fit on to your home or office walls. Customization of art pieces is available too. All wall art pieces are stretched over spruce wood frame, gallery wrapped, installed with hanging accessories, all ready to hang. They are perfect to be hung in your living room, bedroom, and office or children room, whichever way you like.

Tons of benefits if you buy wall art online:

Gives you an idea what you want

By browsing through the different category of artwork, you will start to get an idea about what you like. Some art pieces are showcased together with home furnishings. It is like browsing through an interior design magazine. Some people even choose the design and colour of artwork that they like and design their interior furnishings around it.

A piece of abstract art displayed at home

Cost is clearly stated

Choose your favourite piece, size and number of pieces and you can evaluate how much budget you will need to put aside.

Lady using tablet to browse for wall art

Shop anytime

There is no restriction as to what time you can make your choices; you do not have to make a trip to a gallery or care about store or gallery timings. Just pick up your smart phone or laptop and start shopping.

Seek opinion easily

Send product links to your interior designer or friends for opinion. You need not drag a friend to accompany you to the art store or gallery to help you choose a wall art design.

Two ladies at a coffee place, smiling and looking at a tablet, one of them holding on a credit card, ready to pay online

Buy ready to hang wall art

To save you the additional time and effort, select those wall arts that are ready to hang.

Where to Start 

Finding quality canvas art is now hassle free as you can buy online; spare some time to do some prepping before buying, have some money and voila! Your art piece is at your doorstep.

Let us explain what you need to do before hand which will not take much of your effort and time but will guarantee that you make the most appropriate purchase.

(1) Reserve the Budget

For some people it is about having collection of unique artwork and investing heavily on it, for others artwork needs to be affordable. If you are looking for ultra affordable canvas wall art, you can easily find hand painted canvas art in prices ranging from USD 300-600 at online shops. Whatever your budget is, you can find the right one for you and you just have to stick to your budget.

(2) Decide about the space to hang artwork

Be clear about the space that you can or want to reserve in your office or home. Measure the space so as to get the perfect sized art piece as pace determines the size and dimensions of your wall art and it is important to know how much space it can occupy before you make the purchase.

(3) Dwell On Your Interior Décor

Do you want to add vibrant colors to your home interior theme? Do you want an art piece to induce fervor as you sit in your living room after a long tiring day? Do you need something playful for your child’s room or a flamboyant art piece for your bedroom?   How does the lighting in your selected space will play? The artwork you select, whether contemporary or traditional, must be in alignment with your interior décor. You can explore for creative ideas on social media or search internet to get familiar with recent trends.

(4) Lastly, Time To Hit The Buy Button

Once you have figured out all necessary information regarding the budget and space to be reserved and other creative aspects affecting your choice of the artwork you purchase, it is time to search online art store. As much as the practical considerations are crucial, the artwork you select should speak to your heart. When your eye catches one such art piece that you cannot let go of, just hit the buy button because that is the one you will cherish for a very long time.

As they say “ A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, so grab your joy.

 Happy shopping!